Protecting the vulnerable

How to Gain a Restraining Order Against Your Neighbour

While the old saying is that good fences make good neighbours, unfortunately fences only do so much if relationships with your neighbours sour. Often restraining orders stem from relatively minor conflicts. Given most restraining orders act to keep people away from each other’s place of residence, some people are confused about how a restraining order […]

Tackling a Noisy Neighbour: Laws that Protect Residents in Victoria

Victorian police attend thousands of homes to investigate complaints of excessive noise every year. The good news is that several laws protect Victorian residents, and, in serious cases, the courts will take action against offenders. Learn more about the laws a noisy neighbour can fall foul of, and find out more about the legal penalties […]

Understanding The Liability Of Parties In A Construction Injury

If you sustain injuries from a construction accident, the first step will be to meet a construction solicitor. Some of the issues in your case such as compliance with the standards for site and occupational safety or liability determinations require that you hire an attorney experienced in construction accident liability. The following are some of […]