It is the legal responsibility of parents to financially support their children up to and until they become adults. The amount payable is determined after careful consideration of several factors, primarily the income of the parent who will be paying the child support, and the number of children that will benefit from the support. While the determination is fair, missed child support payments are not uncommon in Australia and all across the globe.

Recovering child support payments can prove a little challenging, especially when the non-custodial parent, who is the one that should be making the payments, is not being cooperative. The Department of Human Services is responsible for enforcing payment of child support. With the counsel of qualified family law solicitors who will work with the department, you can look forward to a successful child support recovery. What specific role will family law solicitors play in helping you recover the back child support owed to you?

Filing the Paperwork

Experienced family law attorneys and solicitors will help you to fill in the necessary paperwork and ensure that it is done correctly and in time. Your lawyer will guide you on what to fill in to avoid any mistakes because even the smallest of errors can cause delays in the processing of your case.

Collaboration with the Right Agencies

Family law solicitors work closely with child support enforcement agencies such as the Depart of Human Services. Your lawyer will act as an intermediary and provide any information and other resources that the agency may need and work closely with the agency's personnel to make sure the unpaid child support is recovered. The agency employs several methods including employer deductions, bank account deductions, property seizures and intercepting tax refunds, among others. Your lawyer will be able to put together all the necessary documents.  If there is a concern about paternity, then your family law solicitors, alongside the agency, can help you obtain a court order for a paternity test.

Legal Representation in Court

When other enforcement methods don't work, litigation becomes the only option, and you will have to take your case to the courts. Child support recovery can be quite complicated, which is why you need qualified and experienced family law solicitors. Your lawyer will be responsible for putting together evidence to show that you, the custodial parent, attempted to collect child support but the paying parent did not meet their obligation. It is always in your best interest and that of your child or children to have family law solicitors who have experience with handling child support recovery on your side. You cannot afford to go it alone.

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