The advent of modern technology has seen a great revolution in the manner in which daily tasks are performed across all commercial sectors. Real estate attorneys have not been left out of this revolution, with more and more of them adopting the use of software applications for the provision of conveyancing services.

Because real estate attorneys are not technological experts, here are three questions that an attorney should seek answers for before enlisting the services of a conveyancing software service provider.

How Easy Is It To Use The Conveyancing Software?

Conveyancing software should be user-friendly. For example, software applications for real estate closing should allow the user to key in transaction details on a rolling basis as opposed to forcing him/her to wait for hard copies of transaction documents before the information is entered.

Also, considering the increasing popularity of using PDF-formatted documents in real estate transactions, the conveyancing software should allow for easy and quick creation, conversion, and merging of PDF documents. The conveyancing software should provide these capabilities without the use of third party applications. This is an important feature in conveyancing software applications considering the number of times that the attorney may need to create PDF documents in a single day.  

Ideally, the software application should also feature workaround mechanisms that the real estate attorney can resort to in the event of any problems with the software.

How About Data Security?

Data security is important in conveyancing software applications because of the sensitive nature of information exchanged in real estate transactions.

For convenience and guaranteed data security, the conveyancing software should offer automatic data encryption. In the absence of this feature, real estate attorneys will be forced to ensure that every bit of data coming out of their local area network is encrypted manually. This is quite cumbersome.

What About Post-Installation Technological Support?

In the ideal situation, a conveyancing software service provider should continue to provide technological support for the attorney long after the software application has been developed and/ or installed.

A reputable software service provider will constantly be available (physically, over the phone, or via the internet) to offer technological assistance to the attorney in relation to the use of conveyancing software. Post-installation technological support is especially important for real estate attorneys, like those at Woodgate Lawyers, using conveyancing software for the first time. Such an attorney is bound to experience a few challenges before(s) he or she is able to master the art of using conveyancing software.