In many cases, the news of a criminal charge sends individuals into a state of panic or shock, where they spends days, and even weeks, trying to wish their charges away. Other charged persons try to contact their accusers in an attempt to squash the charge. If you have been charged with a criminal case, the last thing you should do is waste any time before finding yourself a criminal defence lawyer. As you shall see below, time is of the essence when you have a criminal charge hanging in the balance. Read on to see why.

1. Your case has already been developed by the prosecution

Usually, by the time you are hearing of a criminal case against you, it means the prosecution has been investigating and planning it for quite some time. Why is this important? Because it means you are already way behind the starting line by the time you're getting served. Therefore, every minute counts if you are going to put up a sober and robust defence. Finding a criminal defence lawyer should therefore be a matter of priority at this point.

2. The government prosecution has all the resource it needs

Criminal cases are prosecuted by the government, unlike civil cases. Therefore, you are going up against a team that has all the government resources at its disposal. In short, you are going up against a very big adversary in court. The prosecution can summon any witness it wants and collect any information it requires for the case. No stone will be left unturned when presenting a case against you. You therefore need to jump into the defence process immediately and with full focus if you're going to beat the prosecution.

3. The stakes are high in a criminal case

Everything else aside, a criminal case is a big deal. You could face possible jail time depending on the outcome of your case. You could also get fined or  barred from driving, contacting certain people, holding certain jobs or going to certain places. Moreover, if you do not win your case, you will hold a criminal record for the rest of your life, and that is not good at all.

4. Preparing a criminal defence case requires work & time

Last but not least, preparing a criminal case is not easy. The charges brought against you are dire. Your criminal defence lawyer will need all the time he/she can get to prepare a strong defence. This will include tracing witnesses, getting them to join the case, examining case records, investigating the charges, and so much more. Getting a defence attorney early ensures your case is attended to without rushing or overlooking any detail.

The good news is that you will be given time to prepare your defence. Make the most of this opportunity and get criminal defence lawyers as soon as possible so that you start doing so.