Going through a divorce tends to be a difficult time even for the most amicable partners. Dissolving a marriage is never easy, as there is a lot to consider, especially if you have been married for a significant amount of time. Some people may assume that representing themselves in court during divorce proceedings may be a way of decreasing the amount of money they have to spend on lawyer fees. However, hiring an attorney is not simply about providing you with representation. Here are some of the reasons to hire a family lawyer when going through a divorce. 

Know what you are entitled to.

A common mistake that people make when representing themselves during divorce proceedings is assuming that all they are entitled to is half of everything. The truth of the matter though is that there are numerous other benefits you could be potentially entitled to. By enlisting the services of a family lawyer, you get the chance to find out if you are entitled to other items such as retirement benefits, future income your spouse will receive and more. In addition to this, a lawyer can ascertain whether you are liable to other financial matters pertaining to your ex-spouse, such as debts, and figure out whether you can waive the responsibility.

Reduce the chances of mistakes.

There are a several reasons why you may make mistakes when filing for divorce. Most commonly, the law can be quite complicated, and as such, an amateur at navigating the legal system is more susceptible to making mistakes. For instance, if you mistakenly overestimate the value of some assets or perhaps forget to address credit card debt, you can negatively influence the entire divorce proceedings. These mistakes may not only require future legal proceedings to ensure they are corrected, but they could also mean significant financial loss on your part when it comes to the settlement. By enlisting the services of a family lawyer, you can rest assured that everything is being filed in the appropriate manner and nothing of significance is being left out.

Have your wishes clearly stated.

Just as the law is complex, so is legal jargon. The legal fraternity would require you to state your terms explicitly, otherwise, there could be loopholes that could be taken advantage of by the legal counsel of your former spouse. Embarking on representing yourself puts you at a higher risk of not getting precisely what you want out of the divorce proceedings. A family lawyer like those at Marino Law would be able to ensure that your legal documents are phrased appropriately. This ensures your divorce decree does not have any unclear language that could be comprehended in a different way, which would make your terms difficult to enforce.