It's good when couples are able to iron out their own issues and handle a divorce amicably and on their own, but unfortunately, those types of couples are often few and far between. In most, if not all, cases, it's good to consider consulting with a divorce lawyer when separating and then decide how much of their services may be necessary during your split. Note a few reasons why that is and how such lawyers can protect you.

1. You may not be able to contest the divorce settlement after it's filed

In many cases, once you agree to a divorce settlement, you have little recourse to have it changed. If your situation changes or the situation of your ex-spouse changes, the courts may entertain a motion you file to adjust the divorce decree, but typically they don't allow you to change your agreement simply because you're unhappy. You may realize sometime down the road that you were too exhausted from the split or didn't realize what rights you had when it came to finances, but you may still be stuck with the decree you signed.

By having a divorce attorney advise you on your rights and help you through the process, not only are you more protected, but he or she will be more likely to bring it to your attention that you may be too eager to sign your paperwork. This will ensure that you do take your time to think about the terms of your divorce and, in turn, won't want to make changes later on.

2. Your attorney may notice questionable actions on the part of your spouse

When you have a joint bank account, you may not think that your spouse would take out more money than they should during your divorce proceedings. You might not question why they want the children's passports or the keys to the vacation cottage. 

An attorney who is experienced with divorces may notice these types of questionable actions on the part of your spouse and may realize that they may be siphoning money, preparing to take the children out of the country, or trying to deny you access to certain items of property. In turn, the attorney may be quicker to act on these things by getting court orders that keep your spouse from accessing bank accounts or leaving with the children, and that ensure your rights are protected when it comes to community property.

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