If you are the wife or husband to an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, you can migrate and live in Australia with your spouse courtesy of a spouse visa from the department of Immigration. In order to successfully apply for this type of immigration visa, the applicant must have prior knowledge of the intricacies of Australian immigration law. This is only possible if you hire the legal services of a competent immigration attorney who can help you with spouse visa application process and satisfying the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

Part of the reason why hiring an immigration lawyer is important is that they help explain to you what the eligibility requirements for a spouse visa to Australia are and whether you satisfy those requirements prior to lodging a formal application. Here are the requirements needed to be granted a spouse visa.

Proof of Marriage

For your application to be accepted, you must prove that you have been legally married to a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. Note that collecting and presenting evidence associated with relationships is never easy. In fact, immigration officials often catch out applicants who provide false or wrong evidence. Your attorney can include your marriage certificate as proof of your marriage union to an Australian citizen.

Proof of Age

Both the applicant and the spouse need to be at least 18 years old. Your attorney can provide evidence of birth certificates to confirm the age requirement.

Proof of Good Health and Character

The applicant must provide evidence of good health and character. This entails undertaking a health examination test about their health as well as obtaining certificates from the police department proving their character. The immigration attorney will include these evidences when filing for the visa application on behalf of the applicant.

Proof of Financial Stability

Many immigration visas for Australia dictate that applicants get an employment offer from an Australian corporation prior to migrating to Australia; however, the spousal visa is an exception. Besides, the applicant needs not to prove that they are going to support themselves financially. Under the spouse visa, the Australian citizen should act as a sponsor for the applicant. This means that the sponsor must provide proof of the ability to economically support the applicant for the period of the visa. The immigration attorney will file financial bank statements and proof of employment of the sponsor as part of the visa application.

Hiring an immigration lawyer helps boost your chances of achieving a successful spouse visa application and reuniting with your spouse in Australia. For more information, contact a business such as CLP Legal.