Witness statements are very important in lawsuits, as they can either make or break your accident claim. In a very challenging accident claim, witness statements might help support your side of the story and win. Therefore, the personal injury attorney of the injured victim often rushes to get the names and contact information of any witnesses at the scene of the accident. This article analyses the importance of witness statements in pursuing accident claims.

Prove the Petitioner's Innocence

One of the main objectives of filing an accident claim is to receive compensation for the injuries sustained. However, the petitioner's compensation award might be cut down or entirely eliminated if they are found to have played part in causing the accident. Therefore, for a petitioner to prove their innocence before the court, they can rely on witness statements to that prove that they are not liable for the accident. Eyewitness statements can provide information about the exact position of the vehicles and the speed at which both vehicles were moving before the accident occurred.

Prove the Petitioner's Guilt

In contrast, witness statements can help the defendant or accused party to prove that the petitioner or the injured party played a role in causing the accident and resultant injuries. This is a tactic that defendants use when fighting accident claims brought against them. Generally, the petitioner's compensation award is cut down based on the extent of their responsibility for the accident.

Prove the Petitioner's Claims of Injury

Witness statements may also help the injured person or petitioner prove that indeed they suffered injuries resulting from the accident. Based on eyewitnesses, the judge is able to determine whether the injury claims may have been because of the accident. Furthermore, the judge can be able to ascertain the severity of the injuries and physical pain through eyewitness accounts regarding the petitioner's actions and physical state after the accident.

Disprove Claims of Injury

In contrast, eyewitness statements can also disprove claims of injury by the petitioner. For example, an eyewitness who saw a motorist walking around quite fine, but now alleges to have suffered severe injuries at the scene of the accident, can help disprove such false claims. In fact, this will help paint a picture of the claimant as a dishonest person before the court, which might help get the defendant off the hook.

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you're involved in car accident case, particularly one entailing injuries, seek legal help with your accident claim. A personal injury lawyer, like those at Dwyer Law Group, will identify credible witnesses and show how their narrations can help in in your legal defence or in receiving damages for your injuries.