Many people, at one time or another during their lives, find themselves in situations where they are required to answer criminal charges laid against them, or are implicated in some way which requires them to attend a court hearing. In this situation, the great majority of people will hire a criminal solicitor to represent them. As well the obvious advantages of hiring a criminal solicitor brings, such as someone who can talk to the judge and argue your case, or having someone to help you to understand some of complex laws sometimes involved in court cases, it can also bring some less known, but important, personal benefits too. This article will take a look at these benefits.

Someone On Your Side

Once you hire a criminal solicitor, they work for you, and only you. Any client taken on by a criminal solicitor will have the full dedication of the solicitor, who will work to find ways to combat the charges; ways which you may not have been aware of, such as calling certain expert witnesses, or presenting specific evidence. From a personal point of view, it can serve as a moral boost having someone understand your plight, and help you when needed.

Access To Contacts

Some of the more experienced criminal solicitors have been in the business for many years, and have built up an array of specialist contacts in different areas of expertise. In some cases, where your particular case matches an area of expertise with a contact of the solicitor, using a criminal solicitor can open up these contacts to you, allowing you to potentially present your case in a better manner. This can personally benefit you as the better your case, the better your chances are of combating the charges.


Due to the stress and the prospect of a court hearing, it can be difficult for a person to see the whole of the picture and circumstances regarding their own case. Some people can react badly to the idea of attending court, and this can block out proper thought procedures. Hiring a criminal solicitor brings a freshness and objective clarity to the facts and circumstances of your case. In many cases, a criminal solicitor will be able to interpret the facts of your case around the relevant laws; something the ordinary person would struggle to do. This alone can reduce the severity of some sentences. This is a great personal benefit to you.

Hiring a criminal solicitor such as David Allchin brings a person a host of obvious, and not so obvious, benefits and advantages, when faced with answering criminal charges in court.