If you sustain injuries from a construction accident, the first step will be to meet a construction solicitor. Some of the issues in your case such as compliance with the standards for site and occupational safety or liability determinations require that you hire an attorney experienced in construction accident liability. The following are some of the basics you need to know before hiring an attorney.

Who Is Liable For The Injury?

The number of people involved will depend on the size of the project. Some major players include contractors, site landowner, construction manager and engineering professionals. The system in place where the injury occurred is an important factor used to assess the liability of the individuals involved. Also, in assessing the liability for injuries, the extent of a party's control over the site where work is being carried out and the level of control over the job will be considered. It is therefore important to look at the duties and responsibilities of those involved in a construction project to determine who is liable for your injuries.

Construction Site Owner

He/she may not be considered as the legal owner of the land for the period of the project depending on the level of control that he/she gives to a contractor. Therefore the liability of the site owner depends on their control of the premises.

The owner of the piece of land where the construction project takes place is liable for the injuries you sustained that were caused by a condition on the land that was potentially harmful and that the owner knew of or should have known of. However, this duty does not involve potentially harmful conditions that were obvious to you.


Contractors and sub contractors are required by law to provide workers with a safe construction site. It is their duty to warn the workers of any hazards or defects at the site. The general and sub contractors are supposed to ensure that work is being done safely. This duty also involves hiring competent employees and making sure work is done in compliance with the required safety regulations.

Architects and Engineers

They are charged with a wide range of responsibilities. Some of their duties include inspection of the site to ensure that it complies with the code regulations and to observe the progress of a job to ensure it complies with certain specifications and plans. Architects and engineers are required to follow specific standards when designing and during the phases of construction. They may be found liable for injuries you sustained resulting from their failure to comply with those standards.

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